Dr. Del Trezise, Essen BioScience, UK

Generating and validating antibody producing cell lines is a critical step in bio-therapeutic discovery and production. Here we describe the application of label free, non-invasive kinetic live cell imaging methodologies to the selection and quality control of cell lines. Using IncuCyte Zoom, an imaging microscope that resides in a standard cell incubator, measurements of cell proliferation rates and verification of mono-clonality can be made in real time during the cell dilution and expansion stages.

The whole-well imaging mode coupled with proprietary high definition phase-contrast optics allows for visualisation of cells up to the edge of the well in both large dishes and micro-titre plates, as well as rare-event capture. A wide range of validated phenotypic cell-based assays for antibody characterisation, are also enabled. Together, these capabilities position kinetic live cell imaging and IncuCyte Zoom as a valuable tool in the bio-therapeutic research setting.