08:00 08:30 Einschreibung
08:30 08:35 Begrüßung Anthony Zerlin Elrig.de e.V.
08:35 09:00 Further development of an acoustic source for high throughput mass spectrometry Jonathan Wingfield AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK
09:00 09:25 Automating the Analytical Laboratory – New Strategies in Screening Kerstin Thurow CELISCA, Rostock
09:25 09:50 RapidFireTM/MS-based screening of
small and polar molecules
Kerstin Danker Evotec, Hamburg
09:50 10:15 Ion Channel Screening with the SyncroPatch 384/768PE - patch clamp meets HTS Elena Dragicevic Nanion, München
10:15 10:45 Kaffeepause & Postersession
10:45 11:10 Fast and high precision nanoliter dosage for high throughput applications Mario Bott Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart
11:10 11:35 Academic compound management at the FMP on the verge of EU-OPENSCREEN as a sustainable European infrastructure for Chemical Biology Edgar Specker FMP, Berlin-Buch
11:35 12:00 NanoBRET Target Engagement - a versatile solution for a hard-to-assay HDAC target Nikolaus Gunkel DKFZ, Heidelberg
12:00 13:30 Mittagspause & Postersession
13:30 13:40 Snapshot: Functional Immortalized Cell Lines for Development of Bioassays in 2D and 3D Tobias May InSCREENeX, Braunschweig
13:40 14:05 Sample Management im Screening: Past, Present and Future Toby Winchester Titian Software, London
14:05 14:30 Standardization is the way to the Next Gen Lab Daniel Juchli WEGA Informatik, Basel
14:30 14:55 Powder collections hit the road: Relocation of corporate collections Anne-Emmanuelle Salman Hoffmann – La Roche AG, Basel
14:55 15:00 Announcement of poster prize winner Jonathan Brix Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart
15:00 15:25 Kaffeepause
15:25 15:50 A user and vendor perspective: First true 1:1 gravimetric pick and dispense of solids Mustapha Hidri, Daniel Serra Merck KGaA, Darmstadt & Chemspeed Technologies, Augst
15:50 16:15 The Stem Cell Factory - A fully automated production platform for induced pluripotent stem cells Michael KulikAndreas Elanzew IPT Fraunhoferund Institut für Rekonstruktive Neurobiologie Life & Brain Center, StemCellFactory, Aachen
16:15 16:30 Wrap-Up Anthony Zerlin Elrig.de e.V.
16:30 Ende des Forums 2016
Stand: 07.03.2016
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