LiCONiC, the world-leading manufacturer of automated incubators and plate hotels for integration, is the first to succeed making automation of bio-banking attractive for a broad community. Complete automation of the sample flow combined with latest refrigeration technologies fulfils highest quality standards. In addition LiCONiC's bio-banking solutions feature outstanding economical advantages and help environmental protection by saving precious energy. More than 4500 products are installed worldwide.

LiCONiC has become the European standard for automated repository solutions. Products range from a hundred thousand to several million tube capacity. This at temperatures as low as -80°C and new the -196°C full automated LN2 biobanks. LiCONiC offers their most profound knowledgebase helping you implementing the best solutions for your storage application and helping you to take the right decisions for this long-term investment. Please visit our booth for a free consultation.

LiCONiC is a certified company and ISO 9001 compliant. Cooperate member at ESBB. Member at the DIN working group to define guidelines of handling biosamples and biobanks.


Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application. Used by scientists and clinicians around the world, our technologies cover techniques of sample preparation, cell isolation, cell sorting, flow cytometry, and cell culture. Our 25 years of expertise spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer. Today, Miltenyi Biotec has more than 1,700 employees in 25 countries – all dedicated to helping researchers and clinicians make a greater impact on science and health.

 nbs scientific

NBS Scientific

NBS Scientific (früher bekannt als NovaStora) ist ein Vertriebsunternehmen mit jahrelanger Erfahrung und starker Kenntnis des Life Science Research. Wir liefern hochwertige Produkte zur Verbesserung der Probenentnahme, Probenlagerung, Probenverfolgung, Laborautomatisierung, Liquid Handling, Medienvorbereitung und In-vitro-Verdauung im Labor.

Wir arbeiten gerne direkt mit unseren Kunden zusammen, um Lösungen für alltägliche Herausforderungen zu finden – und sparen ihnen Zeit und Geld oder, was noch wichtiger ist, die Verbesserung ihrer Prozesse und Ergebnisse. Indem wir uns die Zeit nehmen, die spezifischen Anwendungen, Budgets und Ziele unserer Kunden gründlich zu bewerten, sind wir zu einem angesehenen und geschätzten Partner im Life-Science-Markt geworden. Wir arbeiten regelmässig mit unseren vertrauenswürdigen Herstellern zusammen, um neue Produkte zu entwickeln, die derzeit nicht auf dem Markt erhältlich sind, oder empfehlen auf Vorschlag unserer Kunden Änderungen an bestehenden Produkten.



Nexcelom is an innovator in the field of image-based cytometry for small cell line and primary cell analysis or cell-based assays.  With the Cellaca MX labs can run 24 samples in 48 seconds and Customers rely on Cellometer® and Celigo® instruments for automated cell concentration & viability analysis. From adoptive cell transfer therapy where CAR T cell concentration and viability are consistently and accurately measured using Cellometer® Image Cytometry to specialized pharmaceutical labs analyzing fragile hepatocytes for toxicology studies, researchers have integrated Cellometer® instruments into their laboratory testing.


Peak Analysis & Automation

PAA is a leading supplier of laboratory automation solutions. We design and manufacture innovative robotic systems, plate handlers, laboratory robots and an extensive range of storage products and automation accessories. Our intelligent scheduling software and user-friendly interfaces make it extremely simple to automate a variety of applications within the fields of life and physical sciences.

PAA provide a professional design and installation service to ensure our clients get the best integrated lab automation solution to satisfy all aspects of their business.