Corning, Inc.

Corning Incorporated delivers a comprehensive portfolio of highly respected global brands in life sciences research including Corning, Falcon, Axygen, Gosselin, and Pyrex.

We have been the market leaders in cell culture for over a century and continue to innovate.
The acquisition of Discovery Labware strengthened our market leading surfaces capabilities, coupled with our vessels portfolio, provides unmatched strength for emerging cell culture markets (i.e. 3D Cell Culture).

Corning Life Sciences offers integrated solutions to support life sciences and accelerate drug discovery with products like Advanced Surfaces (incl. Matrigel™), Membrane Inserts, and Spheroid Plates.


Dispendix, Stuttgart

Dispendix offers a new generation of simple and reliable non-contact nanoliter dispensing products. The "Immediate Drop on Demand Technology", I-DOT, enables dispensing of a large variety of liquids, including but not limited to aqueos solutions, PCR-buffer, DMSO up to 100% as well as living cells. I-DOT is scalable from single samples to high throughput.



The IncuCyte® Real-Time Quantitative Live-Cell Analysis System, designed by Essen BioScience, Inc. is the first system to enable quantification of cell behavior over time (from hours to weeks) by automatically gathering and analyzing images around the clock within a standard incubator. The IncuCyte® System provides insight into active biological processes such as proliferation, apoptosis, chemotaxis, wound healing etc. in real-time and allows researchers to gather more information from assays they conduct in a faster and automated way that single-point or endpoint assays can’t achieve.



Formulatrix was established in 2002 to provide protein crystallization automation solutions. Since then, we've started developed the next generation of liquid handlers using microfluidic technology. Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, we supply software and robotic automation solutions to leading pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions around the world. Our team works tirelessly to provide the best products in the industry with support that is second to none.

 ipa fraunhofer

Fraunhofer IPA, Mannheim

The TissueGrinder, developed by Fraunhofer IPA in Mannheim, utilizes controlled mechanical dissociation to provide high quality single cell suspensions or crude extract from fresh, frozen or FFPE tissue samples for a variety of applications. The dissociation core unit is optimized for an ideal combination of shear and cutting force resulting in highly viable cells for subsequent molecular analysis or cultivation. Further potential applications can be found in any cell based research field (oncology, neurology, cardiovascular etc.) that requires single cells, especially for flow cytometry analysis.

TissueGrinder at a glance:

  • Open platform for individual dissociation protocol development for your specific application
  • Standardized procedures for highly reproducible results in regulated environments
  • Sample processing and subsequent filtration in a closed sterile system
  • Enzyme-reduced or enzyme-free approach enables and facilitates sophisticated cellular and molecular analysis