Arne Kusserow Merck BSSN, Darmstadt 

Laboratories produce scientific data. This is their basic purpose. Today, only a small fraction of the produced data is used. The vast majority of data, including most metadata are not used and are not even accessible for the lab user. Therefore, many experiments are done again and again. Ideally producing identical results. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all data in one place, no matter by which instrument they are produced? All data, easy to access and securely stored according to FAIR and ALCOA+. AI and ML ready? But it isn’t just nice, it reduces costs, makes labs more efficient and reduces time to market and time to publish.

Based on the ASTM standard open data format AnIML, scientific data and metadata produced by 350+ different scientific instruments from many vendors can be used, stored, analyzed, visualized, and shared. Additionally, using the SiLA communication standard, bidirectional communication between instruments and leading systems like LIMS and ELNs becomes an easy task.