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Access this URL ([2021-04-15, Dr. Katrin Beeman, Merck KGaA: qPCR automation – connecting drug discovery and COVID-19 testing]
Access this URL ([2021-04-15, Dr. Eberhard Krauß, Evotec SE: Target validation and compound testing in 3D models for oncology]
Access this URL ([2021-04-15, Dr. Jan Schäferkordt, Berkeley Lights: Identification and Selection of T Cell Phenotypes and Function with direct Link to Genotype on Berkeley Lights Single Cell Analysis Platform]
Access this URL ([2021-04-15, Thermo Scientific, Snapshot: Covid-19 testing as a template for your future applications]
Access this URL ([2021-05-20, Dr. Martin Lange, NUVISAN ICB GmbH: High-throughput screening and target deconvolution of novel oncogenic signaling pathway inhibitors]
Access this URL ([2021-05-20, Dr. Ulfert Rand, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research: Testing antiviral strategies against SARS-CoV-2 – a learning curve]
Access this URL ([2021-05-20, Cellseeker, Snapshot: Lost (and Found) in the Ice – How to Manage your Cryostocks]
Access this URL ([2021-05-20, Promega, Snapshot: Generation of Reporter Cells using CRISPR & HiBiT]
Access this URL ([2021-05-20, Cellink/Cytena, Snapshot: Non-contact liquid handling technologies enable high-throughput NGS for COVID-19 surveillance]
Access this URL ([2021-06-17, Janina Caspar, Biontech SE: Automation of TCR validation platform]
Access this URL ([2021-06-17, Mario Graeve, Fraunhofer IPA: High throughput organoid sorting via machine learning image recognition]