TTP Labtech

TTP Labtech is a world leading developer of automated laboratory instrumentation, consumables and reagents for life science applications. These products combine exceptional engineering, application support and customer service.
Our state-of-the-art solutions cover:
• high throughput compound and biologics screening (ameon® with FLT Flexyte reagents, acumen® Cellista, mirrorball® with sol-R multiplexed beads),
• flexible sample management workflows from ambient to -800C (comPOUND®, arktic®, lab2lab),
• and unique low volume liquid handling for NGS, compound screening and MALDI-TOF (mosquito®, dragonfly®).


Wega Informatik, Basel

Bridging business and IT to deliver adapted and stable solutions and services for the complex business or technical challenges of our customers. With more than 20 years experience of delivering effective solutions, we have established ourselves as a quality service provider for the Life Science R&D and IT sector. Our detailed attention to customers’ needs has resulted in successful open and interactive partnerships based on trust. Our 35 plus team of qualified experienced consultants has a track record of providing first class services and solving complex issues. If your needs are modest or multinational we have the people for your projects.


Xavo Systems AG

Xavo Systems specializes in sample management of chemical and biological substances. Our small to multi-site customers in compound management, cell culture, HTS and HCS use our software Xavo Lab Logistics (XLL) to manage their samples and screening campaigns efficiently. With its unique planning and real-time monitoring capabilities, XLL optimizes the utilization of equipment, material and personnel in the lab based on configurable workflows. XLL helps to react on conflicts properly. It has an attractive license model with various integration options to Lab Automation equipment and IT systems.