acCELLerate – turnkey cell based assay kits, Hamburg

Setting a new standard for cell based assays is our aim: assays which are reliable and predictable but robust and convenient to use at the same time. instaCELL® bioassay kits come with all required reagents and materials - including the cells.The cells are frozen in an assay ready format and can be used like a reagent without prior cultivation or even cell counting. All assay components are cross validated for the particular application to provide a maximum of convenience and reliability. Specialists might value the ease to set-up the turnkey assays but even laboratories which are not experienced in cell culture techniques can run acCELLerate instaCELL assays with reproducible results.


Analytik Jena AG

Die Analytik Jena ist ein führender Anbieter von High-End-Analysenmesstechnik, Instrumenten und Produkten im Bereich der Biotechnologie und der molekularen Diagnostik sowie hochklassiger Liquid Handling- und Automations-Technologie. Ihr Portfolio umfasst sowohl die klassische Analysetechnik insbesondere zur Messung von Konzentrationen von Elementen und Molekülen als auch Komplettsysteme für bioanalytische Anwendungen im Life Science-Bereich, die den hochkomplexen Analysezyklus einer Probe von der Probenvorbereitung bis zur Detektion erfassen. Automatisierte Hochdurchsatz-Screeningsysteme für den Pharmabereich gehören zum umfangreichen Portfolio dieses Segments. Präzise Ergebnisqualität und ein hohes Maß an Bedienkomfort stehen bei der Entwicklung der Labor-Analyse-Produkte von Analytik Jena an erster Stelle. Laborübergreifende Software-Management- und -Informationssysteme (LIMS), Serviceleistungen sowie gerätespezifische Verbrauchsmaterialien und Einwegmaterialien, wie Reagenzien oder Kunststoffartikel, komplettieren das umfangreiche Angebot des Analytik Jena-Konzerns, der zur Schweizer Endress+Hauser Gruppe gehört.



Artel is the world-leading liquid handling quality assurance expert, specializing in solving liquid handling quality, productivity and compliance challenges for life science laboratories.
Artel recently introduced VMS® (Volume Measurement System) which allows for liquid handling process validation and verification within customer’s actual workflow. The system is able to accurately and repeatedly measure the volumes of samples in each a well without regard to the nature and colour of the samples or the shape of the well and type of plastic.
The MVS® (Multichannel Verification System) enables users to verify the performance of any single- or multichannel liquid handler, pipettor or dispenser in a single measurement, in less than 5 minutes. MVS provides tip by tip accuracy and precision data even at low volumes (0.01µl – 350µl) and allows for direct comparison between any liquid-handler regardless of make, model or location.


Blue CatBio GmbH

BlueCatBio has developed a fully automated, contactless way of plate washing and media change. The BlueWasher uses centrifugation instead of aspiration for non-contact and contamination-free removal of liquids from all plate formats, including 1536 well. It achieves near zero residual volume and eliminates problems associated with conventional, aspiration-based washers. The BlueWasher reduces assay background and variability, eliminates wash steps and needle clogging, while increasing throughput, reliability and saving consumable cost with tipless media-changes in cell-based screening and magnetic bead wash applications.


Chemspeed AG, Augst

Chemspeed Technologies AG is the leading provider of high-throughput and high-output research & development workflow-solutions from single bench-top / standalone automated workstations (powder dispensing - sample preparation- synthesis - process development - formulation - application - testing) up to complete and integrated product development workflows for the entire product development processes in the chemical, material science, renewables & energy, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, specialty chemical, home care, cosmetics and nutrition industries, as well as academia.